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Are you a Startup or Small to Medium Business? Don't make these mistakes!

As stated in some of our previous posts, a lot of you out there started off as a trade's person, learned the craft and got good at it. Made some connections, expanded your work load and decided to finally get serious about it. If you are a plumber chances are you can plumb a house or install a shower but did you know you should always work with a budget and not be willy-nilly on the old bank account?

Probably yes but here is my point, mistakes are made, receipts are lost, some transactions never get reconciled, and things are just overwhelming trying to do it all alone. You have a couple of options, hire a bookkeeper or accountant like us here at Everyday Office Consulting Co., or read this article I am linking below from the amazing team at Plooto. It might help you to figure out some of your shortcomings on the administrative side of your new company and how to proceed to find a fix. Learn from others' mistakes and grow things the right way!

Here is the article, do yourself a favour and read it thoroughly. It's a good read, not too long and has great tips


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